Should I get surgery for my snoring?

Snoring is a common phenomenon and has an increased incidence with age. Certain physical attributes such as weight and alcohol consumption can worsen the effect of snoring. The symptoms and complications associated with snoring cover a number of specialities and it is therefore imperative that there is a working relationship with these other specialities if the correct management is to be offered to patients.

If a patients Epworth Sleepiness score (see website) is high then this implies that the snoring is significantly affecting the quality of sleep and this may be best assesed by a physician with the ability to undertake a sleep study.

If a patient is not overweight and does not drink excessively together with a low scoringĀ  Epworth Sleepiness score, it is not unreasonable to offer snoring surgery. The patient should be advised carefully as to the success and more importantly the long term effect of this success. They also must be aware of the complications associated with this sort of surgery.

Ultimately, surgery for simple snoring is not an unreasonable treatment option as long as the patient has been assesed correctly in the Out-Patient setting and is given realistic expectations for the future