Ear wax

Wax in the ears is normal. People sometimes get obsessed about it because it does cause them some problems in the form of a hearing loss, a blocked sensation or occasionally if impacted an infection of the ear canal.

If people try to remove wax themselves they can perforate their eardrum. It is for this reason that it should be removed by a trained practitioner. The safest method of wax removal is under direct vision with the microscope instrumentation and suction. This however, is difficult to do in the general practitioners setting and therefore often irrigation with a low pressure system is the correct technique in primary care. The days of old style syringing (high pressure) are gone due tothe risk of trauma to the ear canal and ear drum.

Wax is protective to us but if problematic due to narrow earcanals or excessive production this can be remedied easily in the out patient department usually with immediate relief. I would alway suggest that the wax is softened before visiting the out-patient setting to allow for an easier removal.