Where should my Head and Neck Cancer be treated?

This is a huge issue in the UK with local areas being split up into cancer networks and cancer services being delivered with varying levels of expertise and allied health care support. Thankfully this is being regulated by a process called peer review.

The very best treatment for a patient is not just centered around the surgery or the radiotherapy a patient receives. These are very important but there are many more things that are offered to patients in a premier Head and Neck Cancer Centre.

In our Head and Neck Cancer Centre we have excellent surgical staff experienced and trained both nationally and internationally. Our oncologists offer conventional radiotherapy and state of the art IMRT a form of radiotherapy to allow for more accuracy in complicated areas of the Head and Neck. Very importantly however we have world class radiology and cytopathology together with superb histopathology support. In addition we have nursing staff on the ward dedicated to the post operative care of Head and Neck Cancer patients, we have clinical nurse specialists supporting the patients both whilst in hospital and when they leave and we have specialised Speech and Language as well as dietietic services purely attached to the Head and Neck Service alone.

It is clear therefore that the service that can be offered to the Head and Neck Cancer patient from a holistic view point is significantly improved with this dedicated service.