Is tonsillectomy worthwhile?

Over the years tonsillectomy has had a bad press and this may be related to the fact that previously many people had their tonsils removed surgically without a correct indication.

As an ENT surgeon tonsillectomy is a satisfying operation as it is now performed with specific indications and the results therefore are gratifying for the surgeon and satisfying for the patient.

Clearly you will not die of tonsillitis but it is a huge problem to adults and children. However, when thinking about state services paying for operations, those that are deemed the most life saving will always be paid for and those deemed not serious may not be seen to be value for money (amongst the politicians). It is imperative to understand that tonsillectomy for reccurrent tonsillitis significantly improves an individuals lifestyle and whilst tonsillitis is not life threatening a tonsillectomy can significantly improve the quality of life of individuals.