Will I ever get rid of my nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps cause onbstruction of the nose and can be very symptomatic causing patients to suffer with nasal obstruction, snoring, decreased smell sensation and a runny nose.

Polyps are an inflammatory / allergic response of the nasal (sinus)mucosa that then prolapses and obstructs the nose. A large number of polyps can be treated with intranasal steroid sprays, but I often see patients who have tried these already. If the polyps are symptomatic then it is not unreasonable to remove the polyps surgically via an endoscopic surgical technique (no external scars). This gives the patient immense relief after the intranasal swelling goes down.

Whilst this removes the majority of the polyps there is a tendency for the condition to recurr as it is the sensitivity of the nasal (sinus) mucosa to swell and prolapse that causes them and this still remains. It is for this reason I will often treat people again with intranasal steroid sprays following surgery as the delivery is improved and it will decrease the chance and the need for further surgery.