Vocal Hygiene Advice

Vocal Hygiene Advice

Ensure adequate fluid intake of water / squashes (NOT coffee or tea which contain caffeine and will dry the throat). Approximately 8-10 drinks per day is appropriate.

Steam inhalations to be undertaken carefully if possible twice a day. This may include the steam in a shower. Also ensure humidification of your bedroom / living room (a bowl of water near the radiators).

Avoid smoky noisy environments where you will strain your voice whilst irritating it.

Eat regular balanced meals avoiding late night eating which is associated with indigestion.

Get adequate amounts of sleep as the larynx is a complex muscular organ that will under perform if you are tired.

Chewing gum or sucking ordinary pastilles can keep the mouth moist. Try to avoid medicated lozenges as they may numb the throat or the menthol can dry it.

Avoid aspirin gargles especially if having an acute infection.