Nasal Septoplasty

A septoplasty is an operation undertaken by ENT surgeons to straighten the midline cartilage of the nose and is often combined with minor surgery to the fleshy turbinate tissue in the nose. It is aimed at improving nasal obstruction.

If patients are carefully selected then the operation can be extremely successful. However, patients should be aware that on occasions if the cause of their nasal obstruction arises from the lining of the nose then the operation may not be a success as this does not change.

A careful examination of the nose often revels the deflection of the nasal septum, that can obstruct both sides of the nose if the cartilage is in a S shape. If this deflection is noticed and nasal obstruction is the main symptom without significant other nasal symptoms then septoplasty carries a high chance of success.

Just be warned that immediateley following a septoplasty the nose is blocked significantly as the operation causes swelling and inflammation. This takes approximateley 10-12 days to start settling and then the patient starts to feel the benefit of surgery.