Is surgery required for prominent ears.

Prominent ears are a reasonably common phenomenon that are troublesome to children because of teasing that occurs at school but that can be treated very well with surgery.

Prominent ears are noticeable from birth and in the first few weeks of life the cartilage of the ear is malleable and certain proprietary brands of splints can actually be used with some success. What is commonly seen though is the prominent ears do not become a problem until teasing starts at schooling age.

Many different techniques of surgery are used to correct these deformities but it is key to understand the anatomic problem with development that has caused the prominence and then to correct it.

Correction can make a massive difference in the quality of a childs life and can be a hugeley beneficial operation. Parents are often nervous about undertaking an operation for essentially a cosmetic operation but anaesthesia in children is significantly safer than it ever has been and the benefits of surgery outweigh the risks in most circumstances.