Freys syndrome after parotidectomy

Freys syndrome is not an uncommon phenomenon after surgery to the parotid gland (parotidectomy). The patient complains of sweating on the cheek, face or neck. Its name comes from a female french neurologist who described the phenomenon.

If warned preoperatively few patients have a problem from the phenomenon. However in some the problem is significant and extremeley problematic. Peole have advocated redivision of the nerves and interposition of soft tissue, the use of Botox or simply the use of antiperspirants in the area.

Freys syndrome occurs because of division of branches of the auricultemporal nerve which carry sympathetic nerve supply to sweat glands and parasympathetic fibres to the parotid. Rerouting causes the abnormal sweating on eating.

In the vast majority of patients the correct treatment is do nothing at all.