Foreign bodies in the nose

Children not infrequently put things in their noses. Thankfully a lot of these are sneezed out. If however, these do not self extrude they can cause local problems. These include nasal obstruction, one sided nasal discharge that can be blood stained and even a foul smell. The foreign body causes a local inflammatory response and irritation.

It is imperative that the foreign body is removed, however the first attempt is the best attempt and therefore should be undertaken by an experienced practitioner. Careful lighting and correct instrumentation are essential. In my hands if I am the first person to attempt to remove a foreign body in 80% or more of children I can remove it, this significantly reduces if an attempt has already ocurred.

A careful and quick examination under anaesthetic can and sometimes has to be employed to remove some foreign bodies. Thankfully this can be avoided by good technique, helpful parents and competency.